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Profit Acceleration

Unlock Growth with CI-CG's Strategic Consulting Service
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How will we maximize your profits? With 80/20.

Elevate your business with CI-CG's strategic consulting service. This is a transformative journey that leverages the power of 80/20 principles to propel your organization into an era of exponential growth. Seriously. 

With our Profit Optimization Service, our focus is on working with you to unveil the strategic potential embedded in 80/20. We don't only want to foster growth but also sustainable, profitable, and strategic advancement for your company top to bottom.

What will we work on?

  • Navigating Complexity: As businesses expand, complexities arise, potentially diverting focus from the core mission and eroding profitability. CI-CG acts as your guide, steering through complexities toward sustained and profitable growth.

  • Strategic Growth Strategies: Our consultants collaborate with you to formulate a strategic plan that aligns with the Organization Imperative—ensuring sustainability, profitability, and strategic growth.

  • 80/20 Fundamentals: Understanding the essence of 80/20 is crucial. Even small adjustments in the vital 80% can yield substantial and direct impacts on your bottom line.

  • Power Curve Insights: Visualize your organization's efficiency through the Power Curve, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the crucial 20% for optimal results.

  • Identify & Separate 80/20: Leverage our expertise to meticulously analyze and separate your 80 most critical products and customers. This enables the development of tailored strategies for optimal focus, improvement, and growth.

  • P&L Fundamentals & Continuous Improvement: Grasp the fundamentals of Profit and Loss while utilizing Continuous Improvement tools to drive waste reduction and eliminate unnecessary complexity.

  • Strategic Execution: Think strategically and execute tactically. Our approach encourages focusing on top customers and products strategically, treating the 80s and 20s differently but fairly. Build organizational capability to ensure sustained success.

What are the results?

  • Unlocking Profits: Our consulting service empowers you to unlock profits by strategically concentrating on the vital 80%. Even slight improvements in this critical segment yield high returns that resonate directly with your bottom line.

  • Investing in Growth: Continue your investment in continuous improvement efforts while strategically concentrating on the 80s. This dual approach ensures not just growth but sustainable, profitable, and strategic advancement.

Here's what it looks like:

Weeks 1-2

Weeks 6-7

Weeks 3-5

Weeks 8-16

Executive Officers

  • Create Prioritized List of Improvement Projects

  • Understand how 80/20 impacts their day-to-day and learn to lead change & build culture

  • Support improvement projects & drive compliance with red/green rules

  • Analyze quads/quartiles, 80/20 P/L, & zero-up P/Ls

  • Align on the 80s & 20s for the business 

  • Identify key 80 parts to target continuous improvement efforts

  • Publicly support & celebrate 80/20 progress

  • Clean financial data with accurate contribution margin for each product

  • Generate quads & quartiles, 80/20 P/L, & zero-up P/Ls

  • Build foundational 80/20 knowledge & reduce time spent on 20s to create bandwidth for 80/20 initiatives

Leadership Staff

Frontline Employees

  • Analyze quads/quartiles for their business segment

  • Write department red/green rules

  • Create department action plans

  • Build foundational 80/20 knowledge & reduce time spent on 20s to create bandwidth for 80/20 initiatives

  • Execute on action plans & accelerate results

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